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    First layer settings on Creator Pro

    Hey everyone, first post here, I did search and didn't find specifics on this. I am having issues with gaps, spaces etc on the first layer of my downloaded prints. Test print of traffic cone was flaw less. I am new to 3D printing but not tech stuff and need some help figuring this out. Thanks

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    Hi Sully welcome to the group, pretty new on here myself, but a mine of useful info here. what material you printing with bed temp etc.??

    I have just found a good trick of floating a print 3mm or so above the bed
    and telling it to use full external support, the nozzle and everything is well up to speed when it starts on the model
    and I am now getting great results, hope I am not telling anyone how to suck eggs, but sure works for me, real progress!!
    hope this helps

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    Using ABS, nozzel temp is 220, bp temp is 110. Object fill 50, Layer hight .27, shells 2, feedrate 40,travel feed rate 55
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    Try lowering your layer height and/or levelling your bed with thinner paper. Thicker layers combined with your nozzle to bed gap can lead to first layer issues. If that initial gap is too big the plastic doesn't get pressed onto the build plate with any real force and then doesn't stick.

    I've had this issue when printing at .3mm but even at .2 I had the same problem when I used a business card to level my bed instead of a sheet of standard printer paper. That extra gap size from the business card was enough to cause my prints to fail but when I went back to using a thinner paper with all the same settings the print worked.

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    Yep, I can never get .3 prints to work, and that is using a pretty thin postit note.

    Remember you are just setting the nozzle to plate clearance for heat expansion. Before printing the first layer the build plate moves down .1, .2 or .3mm, depending on what your layer height setting is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sully777 View Post
    Using ABS, nozzel temp is 220, bp temp is 110. Object fill 50, Layer hight .27, shells 2, feedrate 40,travel feed rate 55
    If its printing lines then spitting out blobs then printing more lines... then blobs... try just upping your printing temperature, ABS really likes 225c or above, I find 220 is not hot enough for most of mine, some PLA I have even goes that high but ABS generally, 228c or 230c.

    ABS is not as forgiving as PLA. PLA can print in a massive temperature range - with variations of 50c in some circumstances. ABS.. no. ABS really only has a 5-8c lower tolerance and above 230c, really I wouldn't print ever hotter than 235c .. unless i'm flushing the nozzles out at 250c.

    If the line issue is more of a -- the lines are OK but massive spaces inbetween them, that's generally your bed levelling.


    Before you do any of that. What does your plastic look like when it extrudes from the extruder? is it a nice perfect fat line that extrudes straight down into a neat slinky shape?

    if not, nozzle might be slightly clogged, this also causes those lines/blobs/lines
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