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    Father/Son Project - 3D Print a SurfBoard

    A father and son team decided one morning over breakfast that it would be a great idea to 3D print a full size surfboard. The duo then spent the next year taking that idea from 3D model to actual board. All of the gritty details of the process and the print are available on his blog, “Hobbies of a Bogue Rat” and the 3D file is available on Thingiverse for anyone interested in embarking on their own adventure whether with friends or with family. The process was time consuming and required that Roth build his own 3D printer to accommodate the size of the pieces, but it is surely a father and son memory that will have a lasting impact on both. See more of the process in the full article:

    Below is a photo of the completed, 3D printed surfboard:

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    Fun project. Makes me think about other sports related objects you could print.

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    Yes perfect, but we would need a tool to calculate the weight and used material before.

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    and it didnt take him 164 days.

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