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    Modeler looking to get into printing. will exchange modeling for guidance and print.

    Hi I'm Dean Jones. I've been modeling for the animation industry for about 7 years now, and I'm interested in getting into 3d printing. I've included some samples and you can see more of my work at Looking for someone that knows printing and has a printer but needs a modeler. I'd be willing to model/sculpt pretty much what ever you like, doesn't have to be just character stuff, in exchange for guidance on how to set up and format the model for printing and a print of the model. I know each printer has it's own software and such so I might have an issue with getting that, but I'm willing to try. If interested in that type of exchange contact me at


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    The forum exists to asnwer your question.
    If you're getting involved into the animation industry, get a SLA printer. Basically solidify resin and the quality is just superb.

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