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    Stratasys and Worrell Announce Partnership to develop medical device prototypes

    Today, Stratasys and Worrell announced a new partnership to develop medical device prototypes. Using 3D printed injection molding, the process can cut costs by approximately 70% (versus traditional tooling) and prototype production times by about 95%. Worrell was commissioned by startup MedTG to design a dual-flow needleless blood collection system, and found that using 3D printing injection molding via Stratasys' technology would be the ideal collaboration for an optimal prototyping process. Read more in the full article:

    Below is a photo of a medical device prototype, made in the same material the final device will be, created via 3D printed injection molds:

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    Hello sir,
    I did read the article and found it interesting. i would like to read more on: medical device prototyping

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