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    Printing Chocolate Treats Based on Your Physical Activity

    SweetHearts presents a new concept in diet, exercise, and 3D printing. Subjects don a heart rate monitor, proceed to exercise, and depending on how much they exercise, they receive an appropriate amount of 3D printed chocolate. Creator Rohit Ashok Khot is studying systems that can incorporate translating physical activity data into 3D printed materials, such as food. Co-founders Ryan Pennings and Florian “Floyd” Mueller sought to integrate interactive activities to support physical exertion. Check out more details, and a video of the SweetHearts printer in action, in the full article:

    Below is an image of chocolate being printed via SweetHearts:

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    I don't really think the shape of the chocolate matters that much, so it's not worth the expense of 3D printing when it could be made inexpensively in a tin or mold. If shape did matter, I'd rather not eat such warped chocolates. So, two strikes.

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    Only in 'murica do we reward ourselves for exercise with food.

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