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    Stratasys and University of Wales team up to 3D Print Kiteboard parts

    In an extreme sports challenge happening this week, five student kitesurfers from University of Wales TSD Swansea will endeavor to cross the Bristol Channel faster than a driver can make it to the same destination in a standard Japanese hybrid car. Collaborating with Stratasys, these kiteboards are equipped with high tech, 3D printed parts that should give the kitesurfers the edge they need for lighter weight and better speed in the three-hour sojourn over the water, in what will probably be 20 knot winds. Read more at:

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    I am new to windsurfing. I need to put on a wetsuit, shoes, life jacket and helmet. You also need to carry a whistle with you in case you need help in the water. Please advise where you are the professionals who buy this equipment.

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