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    BioBots Bioprinter - Only $5,000

    BioBots offers a 3D bioprinter that is capable of printing in a variety of living tissue. So far it has been tested with over a dozen different cell types. It uses blue light and UV light to cure the extruded cell tissue, without harming or killing the cells. The company is currently offering a beta program, which comes with one of their bioprinters. The price is only $5,000, which is the cheapest I have seen a bioprinter sell for yet. They are hoping many researchers take them up on this offer in order to help advance the technology. They have even told me that normal Joe Schmo's can also join the program and begin printing scaffolds. Read and see more about this at:

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    BioBots is finally unveiling the BioBot 1 3D bioprinter in its formal launch as it exits intense beta testing in research labs around the world. Offering a unique cartridge system, the BioBot 1 allows researchers to put live cells directly into the bio-ink, as well as still being offered the option to make their own. The dual extruder system also allows for cells to be kept at what mimics a natural body temperature as well as using a UV light to cure the materials delicately, avoiding any harsh processes. Read more about the upcoming release at

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