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    Best 3d printer in europe

    So, as the title says, which 3d printer have you people from europe bought? Are there any good resellers? i don't mind assembling it myself

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    price range ?
    capabilities ?
    Home machine or commercial.

    etc etc

    Details are your friend :-)

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    for now, i am really just looking for a cheap starting model, which is why i don't mind assembling it myself. A heated bed is preferred, but not a must

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    in that case a flashforge creator probably covers more bases than anything else.

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    my only problem is that the seller doesn't seen ti be shipping to Denmark. What about the reprap?

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    so is there a danish ebay ?

    There are positive and negative aspects to all 3d printers.

    Easiest way to find one is to:

    1) set your budget - ie: the most you're prepared to pay
    2) decide what features you want: heated bed, dual extruders, delta etc
    3) see if anyone in your country is making what you want
    4) if you can't buy one from your own country - adjust your budget. Import tax and international postage will add a significant amount to the cost.

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    I guess Zotrax and Ultimaker are populair Europain machines,

    I bet there are more out there that i can't get the name off at this moment, I know there is a Delta printer in spain and didnt seem bad at all, but i have forgotten the name..

    Tell us more what you want, and perhaps what country as curious have mentioned it would help us what would be the best for you,

    I personaly bought a makerfarm from the US as I'm from Belgium it wasnt the best thing to do but its still bang for buck even after custom fees,
    But now as there are more printers in Europe i would probably have bought something else for the same/bit more money.

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    As i am a university student, i don't exactly have a lot of money. I haven't really set a pricepoint, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. People can find a perfect printer in the states, but with shipping, taxes and other add-ons, it really could very well double the cost. However, i do find that the robox seem to have a lot of bang for the buck. My only concern is that the print size isn't exactly big.

    I am from Denmark, which isn't exactly a big market due to our small size.

    Another printer i was looking at was the XYZprinting davinci, which seems pretty cheap, and i am able to find a reseller in Denmark. However, it doesn't seem to have a heated bed, which really does seem like the only problem. a 100 microns is not exactly the best, but for a first 3d printer, it seems quite fine, what do you people think?

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    Imho,I would get the Da Vinci and jailbreak it. Heard you could install open source firmware to use whatsoever slicer you want after that.

    But then, my source was 2 months outdated, I don't know if they have done something with the hardware to prevent that.

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