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    Wanhao Duplicator 5S and 5S Mini Coming Soon

    Wanhao has informed that they will soon be releasing their Duplicator 5S and 5S mini 3D Printers. They will be priced at $1998 and $1199, and will come with the following specifications:

    • Build envelope: 305 x 205 x 605 mm
    • Build volume: About 37.8 liters
    • Layer thickness: Choose 0.02-0.4 mm which is adjustable by software
    • Stock nozzle diameter: Stock 0.4 mm
    • Speed: 20-300 mm/s
    • Flow Rate: Approximately 200 cc/hr
    • Extruder Temperature Recommended: Maximum 200-230 C
    • Positioning precision: 2.5 micron on Z axis, 11 micron on XY axis
    • Overall dimensions: 460 x 400 x 860 mm
    • Shipping Weight: kg (88 lbs) 39
    • Linear ball bearings
    • Precision ground Core XY.
    • Snap-on, snap-off filament assemblies
    • Full Extreme Rock XV steel Structure
    • 4 axis, 1/16 micro-stepping motor control
    • 4x20 LCD character display and turning and press control pad
    • Piezoelectric buzzer
    • Universal Power Supply: 115-250V, 50/60Hz, 4.0A (input), and takes standard IEC cable

    The Mini will have the following sizes:

    • Build envelope: 295 x 195 x 205mm
    • Build volume: About 34 liters

    Read and see more at

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    They look great spec machines but unfortunately the Bowden extruder effectively kills it's ability to print with flexible filament at a fast feed rate, which may be important for some.

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    I looked at one nearly 3 months ago, not new news sorry Eddy Makergeeks had them on sale for a while (mind you at 2.5k!)

    The shipping weight for a 5S is 40kg, this isn't cheap shipping, I got quoted $250 just to get it here :/
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    The build volume or build dimensions has to be way off on one of them. The Mini is listed as 34 lt, and bigger one is 37lt. However one of the build dimensions is about 3x the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrobot View Post
    They look great spec machines but unfortunately the Bowden extruder effectively kills it's ability to print with flexible filament at a fast feed rate, which may be important for some.
    Imho, I think they are still playing safe. I don't see anything justifying such huge volume with flexible material.

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    That's pretty impressive.

    And when printing with flexible filament you don't use a fast feedrate anwyay. Ninjaflex works best at 20mm/s or slower. Haven't tried the flexible pla yet - but I would imagine the same mechanics apply.

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    We just got this machine where you can choose with heated bed / no heated bed

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    I was looking into these guys, only issue that kept me from buying was support. I didnt find any forum info or people to talk to before I drop 2k.

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    Any idea when the D6 will be coming ?

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    My experience with the i3d direct from wanhaousa was that once you need warranty work you are out of luck.
    - do not answer the phone
    - do not respond to emails
    - do not send replacement parts requested on their form on the website.

    Buyer beware.

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