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    3D Animation to 3D Print Contest By Shapeways

    Have you ever had the urge to create your own cartoon character? How about in 3D, or better yet, turn that character into a 3D printed figurine? Well if so, then this is your lucky day. Shapeways has recently announced their '3D Animation to 3D Print Contest'. The contest will reward several winners prizes of up to $200 in Shapeways credits for the most creative, and 3D printable figurine designs. Even those who don't win, will win, as everyone who participates will receive a $10 Shapeways credit. More details on the rules of this contest can be found here:

    If you do decide to enter, please feel free to post your designs here as well!

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    I would have been glad to create my own animated character for the contest as I have just finished learning about 3d character animation and this would have been quite a practice and my character would have been judged as well. I hope to participate this year as it would give us artists a great opportunity to showcase our skills.

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