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    3D Printed Textiles hit NY Fashion Week

    Bradley Rothenberg presented several clothing pieces at NY Fashion Week this past week, most notably his cellular-like tank top. 3D printing is really starting to hit its strides within the fashion industry (at least among runway shows) as of late. Rothenberg had been working on his cellular print technique for some time now. The tank top was printed using SLS nylon in one piece. When it comes off the printer it fully assembled


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    I think that cellular material top might be the first 3D printed garment that I could imagine any normal person ever actually wearing in public. The printed lacy detail on the regular cloth skirt looked like normal human clothes as well... The random scraggly driftwood and cobweb looking pieces on other garments looked pretty darn silly though.

    Don't get me wrong, a lot of the 3D printed fashion stuff looks great in fashion shows, but it's just absurd think of someone actually wearing the stuff out to the mall or a fancy dinner.

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    There's nothing effecient about the machines in this project and I'm pretty sure nobody ever claimed there was. The effort is to make these simple enough to be dropped into poor villages in the third world and maintained by the locals. Such simplicity is mutually exclusive with efficiency in pretty much all cases.


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