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    Printing on support failures

    Hi all,

    Got a Bambu X1C and having problems with complex prints over supports using nylon. Sometimes the test models print ok, it's hit and miss. Usually it prints better over normal supports than tree supports. The print quality over the supports has an "unfused" look to the filament. Any ideas on what to try?

    The Bambu forum and support websites have been down several days and I never downloaded the manuals so ......

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    did you fully dry the nylon before you used it.. have to do that every time you use it

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    Yes, I have been been drying the filament. This latest batch was glass infused nylon and it arrived from shipper with over 50% humidity. It took 3 days in the dryer and I could not get it below 20%.

    This latest experiment is one of the best so far but still not acceptable. It's odd that the top and sides of the parts come out looking like they were professionally machined. So beautiful it almost hurts to look at. The surface under the supports is just terrible.

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