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    3D-printer - printable cleats

    Hello. I´m working in a timing belt-department, where we are looking for a solution that aims to 3d-print cleats on top of a fixated belt. The material is meant to be tpu, but will that even stick -as it´s supposed to do- on a plastic surface? And can you even place a material in a 3d-printer, and then print on top of it?

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    For all intents and purpose NO. Could you mount the belt to the build plate so it is flat, then measure the offset need to apply the first layer to the belt backing surface, yes.. would it stick, maybe, would it stay on in use NO.

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    Thanks for the reply. I don´t have a 3d-printer at hand but it would be SOOOOOO helpful if anyone out there could test this scenario: Print a chunk of TPU (maybe 30*10mm) on top of a flat piece of TPU (just at normal room temp.) to see if it would stick.

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