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    Cannot figure out the print issue/ E3S1Pro w Sonicpad/ ty in advance

    Hello, and happy to join the forum. This is an issue I am having with Ender 3 S1 Pro + sonic pad. Sliced with Cura, and same profile as prior to having started with this problem. Filament is not an issue' is dry and printing perfectly on the other printer. I am sure, many of you will probably be able to tell right away what the problem is, but i tried troubleshooting it, and cannot figure it out.Worked perfectly fine for quite some time after having installed SonicPad, until one day, when it just didn't. Only thing that changed (which i am aware of) is firmware update.Please check the pics, and any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you all.
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    If I had to guess the nozzle is too close to the bad.. Starting Z offset need to be increased, however that is done on this particular printer I do not know. However, looks like the sides are ok, may be just a high spot in the bed..if the bed is 2 parts, make sure there is nothing suck between print surface and heater plate causing a high spot..

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