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    Question CR-touch appears to be over correcting for bed unlevelness.

    hello, im kinda new to 3d printing, but im haveing issues with my first layers on my prints. the front side is fine or being printed to far away from the print bed while the back 1/3 is printed so close its see through amn has to be scraped off or washed off with hot water.
    printer specs:
    Ender 3
    glass bed
    Creality V4.2.7 Silent board
    Ive attached a picture of my beds mesh that i got via octoprint and the lowest corner is always smashed the thinnest. meanwhile the highest corner has gaps in the print. before I installed the cr-touch ive never had this. i recently reupdated the firmware useing the premade firmware from creality but that hasnt helped and also dissabled my ability to save settings. im hopeing once i know how to fix that issue i can make my own firmware, but thats a project for another time. right now im putting the settings into the start gcode in cura. any info i may have missed or that you need please ask and ill try to get around to answering.
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