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    Angry Ender 3 V2 - Continuous Nozzle Clogging

    I recently bought a used Ender 3 V2 printer and the first two simple and short prints went relatively smoothly. However, when I attempted a 7-hour print consisting of three parts, one element got cut off due to a clogged nozzle. I reprinted that element and it worked fine, but now I'm trying to print a part that takes around 10 hours, and each time the nozzle gets clogged after about 1-2 hours. I've tried three times already, and I even replaced the nozzle, but the issue persists.I'm using filament that came vacuum-sealed with a moisture-resistant bag, which arrived yesterday.

    I'm using the filament :
    PLA Colorfil Filament - Material Characteristics
    Manufacturer: Colorfil
    Base Material: PLA
    Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
    Tolerance: ± 0.05mm
    Net Weight: 1kg
    Printing Temperature: from 190ºC to 230ºC
    Bed Temperature: from 0ºC to 60ºC

    Bed Temperature: set the nozzle temperature to 200 degrees and the bed to 60 degrees. I'm using the standard settings in Cura.Please,
    I'm looking for advice on what to do next.
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