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    Problem with the first 4-5mm

    Hello all 3D printing geeks! I'm totally new to 3D printing and i got my first 3D printer yesterday. I ordered an Elegoo Mars 3 Pro from Elegoo and one bottle with Elegoo Grey standard resin V2. The Rook demo on the USB stick was printed perfectly. Amazing result right out of the box. So long, all is fine. But when i print a box with lid that i designed in Fusion 360 and sliced with Lychee Pro with the standard settings for the grey elegoo resin with the box planted with the flat bottom to the build plate i get uggly result the first 4-5 mm. As you can see on the attached image. Temperature in the room is around 23 degrees celcius. Can someone here point me in the right direction for fixing this? ---------Sorry if my english is bad. I'm from Norwegian. But i understand english wery well though
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