I have a Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro and I'm having some real problems with it. I tried searching for the answer but it's so odd (at least to me) that I don't know if I didn't search using the right terms or if it hasn't been asked yet. I've had the printer for about a year now and I've had more problems than prints. Right away I inserted the SD card upside down and damaged the reader so I had to buy a new motherboard. Then shortly after that the ABL sensor failed. Doing some research I found that the BL-Touch and the TH3D EZABL were two good upgrades. I ended up buying both but ultimately installed the EZABL, which, required their proprietary LCD screen and firmware. I followed along and installed the components and uploaded the firmware and successfully printed a couple tests. Fast forward to current times and now the extruder will not work. Sometimes absolutely nothing happens, sometimes the manual feed wheel will vibrate back and forth (it doesn't click or make any sounds, just makes tiny "shaking" movements). I found a video that showed how to calibrate the extruder so I followed along and entered the codes in Pronterface, low and behold, the extruder worked! I tried it a couple times and then figured by some miracle everything was working now so I tried a bed leveling test print and... nothing! The extruder moves around along the path as if it were printing but no extrusion! So I tried to Pronterface test again, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Every time after a successful extrusion in Pronterface I would try a test print and every time the same thing, the head moves along the path but no extrusion. I've tried both the Creality and Cura slicers. I'm at a complete loss, any ideas?Thank you!