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    Replicator 2 not printing

    My replicator 2 is not printing, its so weird.. load and unload works fine there's filament coming out normally without pushing..I tried another nozzle, extruder motor, heating element.. I replaced everything and as soon as I press "print" on the computer the printer starts moving as it is printing as normal but there's no filament coming out..Could it be something related to the motherboard?

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    Another issue that I've seen create this problem is makerbot desktop not completing the G Code creation when you remove the SD card from your PC. If you merely push export and then check to see if the file is on the card and pull it right away, it's likely that you're not done yet. Makerbot desktop does not include a status indicator or even a completion dialog of any kind for some INSANE reason.

    To ensure that this isn't the case, preview the print first, then export it (from the preview window) and try to use that file. The preview command appears to generate all of the Gcode in some buffer somewhere, and the export then works pretty fast, though I would still wait a bit before extracting the SD card.

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