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    printing issues

    Hello all, I have following specs of my creality ender 3 pro printer: main board - BTT SKR mini E3 V3 Bigtreetech / extruder creality Sprite extruder pro (this one was recently added and ever since I am having issues with my prints) / display BTT BIQU TFT35-E3 V3 Bigtreetech / BLtouch / Double Z axises with a two stepper motor. Evryghing seems to be working perfectly, both mechanically and software wise, however I cannot get a poper print of such an easy things such as calibration cube, see picture. I am also attaching a prusa slicer project. I have tried to do so many things, everything is freshly calibrated (all axis and extruder), temperature seems to be managed correctly, I have tested so many setups in many different slicers, however each time I get same results of prints. Could anyone help me? Give me some guidance, advise, what else should I check? I am desperate and have no idea what else should be verified, corrected or I do not know what...
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