Hey All, I am new here and glad to be here.

I ran into an issue with my Anycubic Vyper (B) version. The first thing that happened was that my strain gauge went. I fixed it. I then needed a new hotend (not sure if strain gauge caused issue) for it because the one in it got all clogged up. I tried to rebuild it and it started to print and about 5 min later I got that Abnormal Hotend error. (to note firmware is up to date but didn't flash it yet with this error)

So I bought a new hotend stock v5 and same error appears and won't let me do anything but see the error on the screen. I have a few other Vypers "E" version a swapped hotends. Anduthe one that didnt work with the Vyper "B" version worked with the other Vyper "E" version. So I know it is not the Hotend but what else could cause this and any recommendations?

Manny Thanks,