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    Problems with FDM PETG printing

    Hi all,i 've been 3D printing for a few months now. So not a noob but still a lot to learn. I am using a Creality Ender 3 S1 and im trying a new PETG filament, Polymaker Polylite PETG.

    You can see the issue i have in the images below and i've never encountered it before. You can see in the drawing i did that the filament isn't adhering when it comes out of the nozzle and is rebounding up instead leaving a loop.

    Also the surface quality below the loops/strings isn't that great. It's supposed to be a matt finish but it has a nasty shiny look to it. You can see the test print i had just printed before and it's surface quality was top notch. Then the next thing i print looks like this.

    I'm printing using a 0.4mm nozzle with a 0.2mm layer height with the temps right in the middle of those suggested by the manufacturer, 235 nozzle and 75 bed. The settings i am using are mostly just defaults for the Ender 3 S1 and for PETG with a couple of very small changes, temperature on the filament being the only changes really although i did just run through the flow rate calibration on Orca Slicer.

    I tried adjusting the nozzle temp and fan speed near the top of the print but with no noticeable difference.

    This print is a test print from Orca Slicer for the pressure advance setting but i am not seeing any difference in the quality of the corners even though i have pressure advance turned on in the slicer. I upgraded my firmware to "Professional Firmware for the Creality Ender 3 V2/S1 Printers" by mriscoc. Not sure if it has pressure advance built in to it or not.

    Is this a known issue and if so can it be sorted or does anyone have advice to help with this?


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