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    Bubbles when extruding

    Hello, everyone,I have 2 Ender 3 printers that were working pretty bad a few days ago. In one of them that had many extrusion problems, I changed the extruder to a dual drive and now it works quite well.Seeing the result, I also changed the extruder to the other one since it also failed a lot.The problem is that, with this last printer, when it extrudes, a lot of bubbles come out that prevent anything from being printed correctly (probably before the extruder change, it already happened and I hadn't paid much attention). I have looked for solutions and everywhere it says that it is the filament that has moisture. The fact is that with the printer and the same filament it extrudes correctly.What could be happening?Thank you!

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    Printing too hot will do this if the filament is slightly wet.. You may need to run a PID to calibrate the new hot end.. Good luck

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