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    3d printing noobie

    Was looking for a part online Lock 'N Roll® Latch. Its a basic latch. Whilst I am decent enough at 3d modelling I wonder if any of you could answer some questions on this. 1. Where is the bets place to find parts like these? Tried google but a lot of sites seem to be about making figures etc. 2. Would ABS or even PLA be strong enough for a latch, even with a complete fill what are the limitations.

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    Perhaps a picture of what you need would help, however there are dozens of different latches on Amazon.

    I made a latch for my gate using ASA

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    lock n latch pics

    So i don't have any good images to hand but this is the general idea. i have a ender 3 v2 max neo. it's big enough to print the size i need since the full length is not really required.
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