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    Ender 3 V2 Neo Help

    Hello, I only just got the Ender 3 V2 Neo, and I've been having a lot of trouble calibrating and getting it to work properly. I got the printer used, so that might have something to do with it.Things don't want to stick to the build plate, and the string of the Filament doesn't wanna stick properly either to itself, or to the build plate. The pieces loaded onto the memory card that came with the printer immediately delaminated, and basically fell apart as soon as they were off the plate. I am becoming more and more frustrated as things begin to go well, and then quickly fall apart. Attached i will have pictures of the latest thing i created. Its a dice holder i found online, that turned out better than anything else i made, aside from a configuration cube i made. The issue is that one side of each of them is nearly a 16th of an inch higher than the other side, which i assume is a levelling issue, I've tried levelling the printer again, both manually, and automatically. Any assistance would b appreciated.
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    To me from the pics it looks like a warping problem and one side has lifted off the bed.

    I assume you are using PLA? Your bed temp might need increasing, the bed might need a good clean with some IPA.

    Suggest that you find a Youtuber called 'Teaching Tech.' and get your first layer right, there are loads of first layer test STL files free to download from such as Prusa Printables.

    Then use a standard slicer profile setting for whatever material you are printing with.

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    Yes, I'm using PLA, just the stuff that came with the printer, but i have a new roll of black PLA from Amazon. I have the bed temp set at 60, 65 this time, for the first layer test, however, its doing the same thing. Not adhering at all.
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    Did you clean the bed surface?

    Have you checked the initial nozzle distance from the bed using a piece of writing paper and adjust using the bed leveling screws until the nozzle just rubs the paper.

    If that is correct then check if there is any 'Z' offset set in your slicer settings. Make it zero after the paper nozzle check.
    Do another first layer test.

    Reduce it by minus 0.01mm or minus 0.02mm and do another first layer test and see if things improve, repeat until you are appy with the first layer.

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    First, because you got your printer second hand, do a factory reset - who knows what's in your settings.

    Second, watch the linked video. Don't obsess over how much drag on the paper is right, the important thing is that it feels the same at all four corners.

    Third, the Creality plastic bed gives up the ghost pretty quick. You should use hairspray (Aqua-Net, unscented) to assure adhesion. This is by far better than glue stick or any of the common alternatives. Expensive specialty alternatives like Magi-Goo might work great as well, but Aqua-Net works perfectly, so why bother?

    All that done, I think you'll have a much better time of things. The 'v2 Neo is a solid printer.


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