I purchased a FlashForge Adventurer 4 Lite 3D printer as a Christmas gift for my son, and we are both new to 3D printing. However, we are having trouble printing files from Polarcloud, as they come out looking like garbage, whereas the local g files print flawlessly. We have noticed a few issues with the Polarcloud prints, such as the printer moving around without extruding anything, and the layers not sticking together. We have tried adjusting the Polarcloud settings and experimenting with different filament, temperature and plate settings, but nothing seems to work. We have also confirmed that there is nothing stuck in the extruder. We are puzzled as to why the local files print perfectly while the Polarcloud files do not. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. The printer can produce high-quality prints, but we are struggling to get the same level of performance from Polarcloud or Flashprint files.