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    Man 3D Prints his own Cancer Tumors

    A man named Mark, has 3D printed his pre and post chemotherapy Hodgkin's Lymphoma tumors on a MakerBot 3D printer. He took the PET/CT scans from his radiologist and then loaded the files into Slicer. Then he outlined the tumor and printed it out. All in all, it took him about 10 hours to print out the pre-chemo tumor which was 14cm in diameter. After printing these out, he showed them to his colleagues at a university, as well as his doctors and radiologists. All of them were incredibly impressed, and most of them request that he print them out duplicates for use within their practice. Read more about this incredible story at:

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    Being a hypochondriac that is just freaky to me.
    I wish him success in his recovery!

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    The really cool thing is that he extracted just the tumour from the ct scan.

    Think my mate had act scan on his spine - now there's another project for me :-)

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