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    Problem with printing, not sticking to bed

    Hello guys,so i am still quite new in 3D printing world and i dont have a lot of knowledge yet so i came here if anyone maybe knows what am i doing wrong. The problem is with bigger pieces i want to make, those who take bigger area on bed. I use standard PLA plastic. The problem is the first layer doesnt stick well to bed and it just starts to whirl. I tried different settings and nothing helped. Does anyone have any idea?pictures:,

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    A suggestion would be to check out YouTube for videos about bed leveling and nozzle 'Z' height.
    Search for Teaching Tech he has some good videos.

    To me it looks like a combination of bed not level and possible nozzle height.

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    I will take it that you have made the bed spottleless clean and free form oil of grease (mucky fingers, that sort of thing)
    If adjusting the nozzle height does not work, try rubbing some pritstick on the bed where the print is going, I have used this technique with great success to prevent warpping nd keeping very tall thin prints from getting knocked oer.

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