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    Local Motors Attempt to 3D Print Car Begins Today

    If any of you guys are in the Chicago area, I highly recommend you spend the $50 and go to the IMTS. If not for the dozens of 3D printing vendors setting up displays all week long, then for the Local Motors live project. The Arizona based company is 3D printing a car live over a six day span. The project utilizes a BAAM machine to print a carbon infused ABS plastic at rates of up to 40 pounds each hour. More details on this incredible project to 3D print the 'Strati' car can be seen here:

    Below is a rendering of what the 3D printed Strati car by Local Motors should look like by Saturday.

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    3D printing the car body and frame... But yeah, it's still very impressive.

    I'd be more interested in test driving it than watching it print though. Local Motors really knows how to make a great car not just a great publicity stunt, the Rally Fighter is a beautiful vehicle and I wish there were more of them on the road.

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    Hey Guys, the Local Motors Strati Car just drove out of the IMTS venue. Check out the videos and images here:

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    I gotta say, it is an exceptionally pretty little car.
    I want to see them do some kind of performance tests, though.

    Seeing it roll at a walking pace down the red carpet and in a parking garage was a little underwhelming, I was hoping to see it drive.

    Perhaps in their next update.

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    bugger the car - that BAAM machine is amazing !

    I guess you have to make stuff that people identify with - But for me the machine is way more interesting than the car.

    Any idea what they printed the engines parts on ?

    And if they didn't make the engine as well - then I'm actually not that impressed lol
    It's the BAAM capability that really impresses.

    Still I guess there's a market for custom built car bodywork.
    Now if they can blend that together with an electric motor powered by a fuel cell. You might have a decent low production run vehicle.

    Ah ha:
    Mechanical components, like battery, motor, wiring, and suspension are sourced from a variety of suppliers, including Renault’s Twizy, a line of electric powered city cars.
    Now if they'd 3d printed integrated wiring and used and printed their own ethanol fuel cell and motor - I'd have been really impressed.
    Give it a couple of years. And a multi material baam type beast will be able to make a small electric vehicle in one go.
    Now that really will be cool :-)
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    They will sell alot of these in Arizona for sure. But, how many other states allow custom bodied golf carts on the road? I'm going to shine up my lifted golf cart and get it ready to sell once these come out.

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