Lattice structure draws lots of attention on its potential applications in mechanical performance and heat transferring capabilities. Integrating the lattice structure into the parts can transform the existing design into a lightweight component with functionally enhanced features, such as shocking absorption. The conventional manufacturing methods, such as casting, cannot make such sophisticated design. Additive manufacturing, i.e. 3D printing, is only way of manufacturing these design at this stage. Traditional modelling method (i.e. explicit modelling) may not be suitable for generation of large scale of lattice structure, but the implicit modelling has advantages of dealing with such complex design. Artisan is an implicit modelling & computational engine for generating complex lattice structure. Artisan supports the strut, TPMS and geometric shape lattice infill for any given geometry. It generates beautiful periodic lattice, mesh lattice and conformal lattices without costing of lots of hardware resources. Because the engine is based on Python and C++, Artisan could offer a combined experience of the speedy customized development and computational performance without compromising the quality of modelling results.Key Features

  • Periodic lattice, mesh lattice and conformal lattice generation;
  • User defined lattice generation;
  • Complex lattice generation based on implicit modelling concept;
  • Smart adaptive algorithm for limited memory usage on sever;
  • GPU computation.
You may download/visit the all-in-one package, docs and GitHub link at: