Hello everyone,I recently rebuilt my delta 3D printer, a Rostock Max 2, and upgraded the motherboard to a skr 1.4 turbo which I flashed with Marlin 2.1.2. After the upgrade, I was able to print successfully, but I noticed that I was having some issues with first layers. To solve this, I added a BL touch sensor to the printer and ran a g29 pro auto leveling, which seemed to work fine (after some troubleshooting).However, when I now try to start a print, the printer seems to ignore the printers height that's hardcoded in the firmware, even though I even tried setting it 0.5mm shorter in the config to prevent crashing into the bed. The printer is 398.0mm hight, so I set it to 397.5mm just to be sure that it did not crash, but that didnt help, it still crashes. The problem occurs when the printer completes the G28 homing procedure after which it moves down to start the print. Then crashes into the bed immediately as if it believes that the printbed is lower down than it actually is. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have not added a G29 right in the "before job start"-script, would this help? If so is it necessary to have the printer G28 again after the G29?I've tried setting the offset of the probe in the firmware, and I set it to be what I perceive to be 2.6mm above the nozzle when it's stowed away (when it's collapsed). I also wrote this in the config, and I can see that it works after flashing the firmware. But I still can't print anything, even after trying g29, it just crashes immediatley after the G28 procedure. If it is helpful I can post the contents of my configuration.h and configuration_adv.h. All the similar posts Ive seen before on this topic are cartesian printers, and I have a delta printer. So a lot of Z-axis terminology is confusing since one of my three towers is called the Z-axis, but the Z-height is mentioned interchangably in some posts.Can anyone help me figure out what the issue might be? Thank you in advance!