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    creality v2 neo cant level the bed

    I have a fairly new v2 neo that I can not get the print bed high enough to level it out. I have the offset at 0 and the print head at 0 after preforming a level bed sequence and autohome. When I try and adjust the gap with a piece of paper I can not get the bed high enough to adjust the level. It wont even come close enough to even think about adjusting with a piece of paper. I am preheating the bed also so that isnt the issue. The adjustment wheels just come off. Would replacing the springs or stretching them some help raise the bed? Any suggestions what might be wrong or that I am doing wrong.
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    Maybe a silly question (apologies if it insults you), but you are adjusting the Z offset correctly? Z offset should mostly be in the range -2.5 to -3.5 depending on your setup.

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    You were right. I watched a video online and it had you level it out at 0z and 0z offset then after leveling adjust the offset with the print head in the middle. I got it leveled out and started a print and readjusted the offset as it stared to lay down the first layer. Ended up being -1.3 offset.
    Thanks for setting me straight

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    No problem, pleased to be able to help.

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