Hi guys, I really need your help... I'm almost selling my 3D printer because I can't stand this hell any longer. LoL Everyday is a new suprise.

I'm trying to print some stuff that really requires quality but my 3D printers insists on been inconvenient with uneven layers.

20230214_010959.jpg 20230214_014023.jpg

I already dissembled it all mounted all over again trying to find the cause but no success.

I have a custom Ender 3 with 4.2.7 board (Marlin 2.1 - Insanity Automation), CR Touch, Sprite Pro and Dual Z axis, it should give the most perfect prints ever but... Oh, and I use Octoprint via USB to control everything.

temp estavel.jpg

Unleveled bed I don't believe it's causing it because I have ABL and I even tried to manually level it. I've already checked the belts tension, wheels tension, lub on Z Axis and configured the slicer for a really slow print (20mm/s).

The problem occurs with PLA (Bed: 60 and Hotend: 200, 0.10 line height) or PETG (Bed: 80 and Hotend: 240, 0.10 line height), those are the materials I usually use. The nozzle is brand new.

Can somebody please save my sanity?