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    Ender three having a spazz atack help needed please

    Hello 3D printing community I have had my ender three for just over a year now and i have never really had many problems with it until today i was printing a file that i have designed i will leave a link down below ( i don't think that it is the file that is the problem as i have printed it fine before) and i have change the filament to clear to white pla and started the print. when i can back to the print nothing sinister at the start but in closer inspection there was a weird colouring in certain section of the print. Images down below, and i didn't really think any thing of it.Then when i went to change the filament back to clear PLA it stared moving in a negative x direction against the side with some high speed. i shut down the printer and turner the power off. Nothing has changer except for the weird colouring on the last print. Thankyou.
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