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    First time 3D printing, weird seam...

    Finally purchased a 3D printer! I ended up getting the Ender 3 v2. I have some issues with my first test print. Everything looked pretty clean except this one part (see image). Is this an issue with slicing or is it an issue with my printer? I looks like it corrected itself eventually but not sure what caused this awkward seam. How can I fix this? Apologize for the newbie question.


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    It can be improved in the slicer settings. It's where one layer ends and the next layer starts

    Set seam to an external corner in your slicer.

    If that Benchy file came ready sliced, you'll need to download a new STL file and slice it in your slicer.
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    Thanks! The software I can tweak. I just let it default to whatever without really paying attention (or even knowing). So I can play with that setting. Thanks for the help!

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    Would like more information on the position of the model while 3D Printing.

    Though without any further information, i suspect that the area where the seam is located may not have a friction free travel.
    It appears friction could be causing this particular seam

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