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    Ender 3 PRO with sprite pro extruder and CR touch, z-offset&firmwere problem,

    Hello there,I have a few problem on my ender 3 pro after I did major upgrade. I changed stock extruder to dual gear direct extruder SPRITE pro also I added CR touch. Mainboard is 4.2.7. After this I updated firmware to Ender-3Pro SpritExt Firmware ( from creality page. After that I have a few problems which I cant solve.
    1. printer won't remeber Z offset probe even I stored configuration
    2. printing bed offsets is limited to 210mm, any other firmwares has limitation to 235mm. And I dont know how to change it.
    3. printer sometimes switch to chineses language
    4. first layer has some holes in it, even thought remaining part is perfect (perfect for me ) ) check photo...filament ist petg wit 0.02mm accuracy, also have dust remover installed to prevent nozzle clogDo you have any ideas how to solve some of my problems? I am totaly desperate..Thank you in advence for any tips how to solve it.

    //nozzle is new 0.6mm. cura settings 0.3mm layer and 0.45 layer thickness/ 0.4layer and 0.6 thickness
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    You could try a firmware like th3ds or marlin this is a link for the th3d version.

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    gonna check thank you for answer

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    glad i could help

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    You could try a firmware like th3ds or marlin this is a link for the th3d version youtube apk
    thanks, finally get this solution.
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    all good glad to help

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