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    BigTreeTech_TFT35_V3.0 Artillery Sidewinder X1

    All,I am not exactly new to 3D Printers but I am a little out of my Realm and need some guidance. Typically I use my MonoPrice IIIP and my Artillery SiderWinder X2. My SideWinder X2 (OEM Stock) more than the MonoPrice but I do fire it up on occasion for some small prints. I picked up this SideWinder X1 from my sister who needed the room for another 3D Printer and this one she evidently had some issues on and she set aside. She has more than a few printers.Its a SideWinder X1 with a BL Touch and BigTree Boards. Its running Marlin 2.08 and the extruder is not a Artillery SideWinder X1 Extruder. Marlin, which I am not overly familiar, says its a BigTreeTech_TFT35_v3.0 and it appears that it is Firmware TFT35_V3.0.27 (April 27, 2021).Initially this thing had Z axis issues (Binding). I found more than a few bolts, rollers and attachments that were loose, missing, or way out of alignment. Put some new bolts, rollers, and realigned with some Z Axis Blocks.I got a fair print out of it (Artillery 3D Cube) earlier today and I noticed the Extruder was missing another allen cap bolt. So I took the extruder head all apart (adapter plate bolts loose as well) to use a slightly longer bolt as it appears that has been an issue on many. Everything hardware wise now seems good (no more missing bolts etc).Unfortunately my unfamiliarity with Marlin (Touch screen included) has got me in a bind. It seems like maybe the Offsets are off but I am also not sure how the unit was setup originally (configurations) or the state. So I guess I need someone to walk me thru the Steps (Marlin Touch) on how to reset the EEPROM Configuration and dial in this machine again. (I am having problems finding a explanation of Icons and their meaning, order, and/or use)Thanks for the help,Chris

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    Anyone use Marlin?

    I assume the first steps is to get the X/Y Plane and offsets correct. For the Bed and then the Probe? It appears there is a machine settings icon which have these options.

    What is a typical start point for a Marlin machine? Where should the X/Y Plane be set initially or does it matter?

    Seems like when I Home the machine its off (Y Plane mostly) - Grinding and Belt Noise during the Homing Process.

    Thoughts or Suggestions?


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    I was able to get Offsets figured out and in fact I actually have gotten some ok to good prints out now.

    Still have minor Z - axis issues (much better than before) but I believe I have identified the cause. (minor binding on Z - screws which appear to be a little warped/out of round - also the Z belt seems very loose but there are 2 Z-stepper motors(TMC-2209) so maybe take off the belt (GT2-600) or get a better one. Knowing the screws are not perfect, nor the belt, I might just replace the whole z setup minus the steppers. I am told the steppers are new - last January. So maybe some shims once I get the Z complete setup and re-setup things again.

    I found out the board is a BIGTREETECH SKR V1.4 Turbo. The Marlin evidently was a custom install that she had significant issues with getting in place.

    I believe the Filament sensor is configured wrong as well...maybe its bad...At that point I might as well just update the Marlin as well.

    I have coded in C++ for over 12 years. Nothing really though in the last 5 years all of this in my 25 years of developer experience.

    Is there a way to back up the original Marlin installed? AVRDude?


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