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    Resin with elasticity and pool water resistance

    Hello all! I'm brand new to 3d printing (in fact I'm about to go purchase one right after this post, either the Ender LD-006 4k or the AnyCubic Photon Mono X 6K or the 4k model, any opinions?). My question, is there a resin that has some elasticity / flexibility like silicone and can be used in a swimming pool environment (exposure to pool water, chlorine etc...)? I would ideally make this part out of silicone, but since that process is extremely manual and I'm not able to 3d print silicone, I'm wondering if there's a resin that would work well for this application. Thank you in advance for any advice!!

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    I've used a product from Resione named F69 Black Flexible Resin. The prints I made came out quite good and were what I consider to be durable and very flexible. A part about 8-10 mm thick could be doubled on itself without breaking. I cannot advise regarding the chlorine or pool water aspect however. Pretty pricey stuff, of course. A White versions is available, but I have no experience with that product.

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