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    Prints becoming stringy

    Hello, I am new to the 3D printing world. I bought a Creality CR6 SE about 2 weeks ago and so far i am blown away by what these can do. I have done about 10-15 prints so far and up until now I have had no issues.

    Yesterday i started a print that was going to take a few hours to do. i cam back to the printer anhour into the print and noticed that everything was going haywire and there was a "stringy" mess (picture attached). I thougth amybe it was a leveling issue so i activated the autoleveling feature and reprinted to the same stringy results. One thing that i took into consideration was a couple days ago i accidentally clicked on the Z axis offset on the touch screen but it did not seem to affect any prints at the time (not sure what the offset was set at by default).

    I am at work right now but when i get home i wa going to test the printer on a print that I know has come out fine previously to see if it is a printer problem or a print problem (if that can even be the problem).

    Any ideas on what my problem could be?
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    Not sure if this is relevant or not, but there were multiple separate pieces that were print on the board. I have also done multiple pieces in 1 print before with no issues.

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    Try doing a bed level and a bed clean with some mentholated spired and a paper towel. You could also put some adhesive on your bed there are plenty of good YouTube video's on this. also some prints just don't go well thats life.Hope this helps have a great day
    P.S. you could try slowing the print speed down in the slicer
    Welcome the the 3d printer world.
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