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    Need Help turning Jpeg Font into STL file

    I am seeking some help in taking a Jpeg of some font and turn it into STL file. It is for a Christmas gift. I have tried my best but I think it is out of my scope of understanding or patients. I need it scalable.

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    From memory.......there are fonts in Fusion 360 which you can extrude and export as an STL file.
    Possibly something similar in other 3D drawing programs.

    Just extrude a square base and extrude or emboss the fonts. You can always scale the STL in your slicer.

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    The image is really small and not very smooth. Is that what you were aiming at (hand drawn look)?

    You can make an STL relatively easy from a black and white or grey scale image with different software but doesn't mean it will look good. As mentioned, Fusion360 can do it. If you want a smoother model, you will need a pre-made font for the words or hand drawn in a 2d/3d software.
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