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    Simplify3D produces stuttering curves on Makerbot Replicator Z18

    I have recently switched from slicing on the MakerBot cloud platform to slicing with S3D, but I noticed that the curves are not printing as well as when sliced on MakerBot cloud. It appears that, when sliced with S3D, the printer travels through the curved section with a stuttering movement of short segments instead of a continuous curve as it does when the model was sliced on MakerBot cloud. Print sliced with S3D also takes significantly longer to print. Is there any setting I can modify on S3D that will fix the problem? I tried the ArcWelder plugin, but I don't think it works with .makerbot output format. These are images of the two test prints printed on the same printer (MakerBot Replicator Z18, firmware version 2.6.2) Makerbot Cloud Print: S3D: Comparison: Setting used on both prints: 2400mm/min outline speed, single outline with 0% infill (vase mode), 0.2mm layer height, 200 °C, Thanks a lot!

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    Sorry about the poor formating, I don't know why it didn't recognized the line breaks.

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