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    New start on 3D printing

    hi, I was thinking to start 3D printing to add another niche to my business, but I would like to know how cost effective is 3D printing to sell items on eBay, items suck as phone holders, laptop holders, cable organisers and things like that, is there any guide to tell how much would it cost to make a phone holder, thanks a lot, also is the 3d printer creality ender 3 any good?

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    First you need to be able to design original models people would actually want to buy.
    Otherwise you're just using files already available and you wont sell those.

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    You can start with learning Blender

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    It would be a good idea to know the niche market you are targeting, and choose your printer and 3D printing materials based on that market. The desktop 3D printers have a great material and color selection but do not have the same strength or detail as an industrial printer. You may want to order some small prints from a 3D printing service provider and order samples to compare different materials and technologies so you have a better sense of the opportunities.

    Some people start their 3D printing business by advertising their product online (such as through Etsy or a 3D printing marketplace), and outsourcing the actual printing to a larger company.

    We run a 3D printig service called Tempus 3D, where we focus on industrial 3D printing. If someone orders a material we do not carry we can help the customer get what they want by having the part 3D printed by a trusted partner. You can check out our services and materials at, and some of the products we create at

    Good luck in starting your 3D printing business!

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