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    Artillery Sidewinder X1 won't turn on. (video)

    Artillery Sidewinder X1 - just started a print and the machine made a small pop and turned off, sounded like a fuse. Fuses are fine, switch is fine, power is getting to the power supply. When I was testing for power at the power supply, the motherboard made a popping noise, caught on fire for a second and spit a small thing onto my vinyl floor which burnt the floor a bit. Here's a video explaining the problem and showing the component that burnt out. Is the problem the power supply or the motherboard? (obviously I'll replace the motherboard but could the problem have come from the PSU?)2. How should I troubleshoot the problem?Thanks!

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    The Driver chip module can be removed and replaced , do not believe that the mother board is fried only Driver chip module.

    Modules are around $10 dollar or so. When replacing watch for pin placement and module type.
    Make sure driver module is plugged in correctly before applying power or you may cause new module damage.

    After you remove the bad module you can power 3D Printer back on to verify unit powers on an steppers with driver modules function.
    You can also measure the power supply output and adjust for correct voltage 12.0V for 12 volt supply an 24.0v for 24volt supply.
    Adjusting the power supply too far above the suggested supply voltage can have adverse effects on how your 3D Printer functions.
    Measure power supply output voltage using the DC scale on your digital multimeter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roberts_Clif View Post
    do not believe that the mother board is fried only Driver chip module.
    235V going into the PSUA steady 24.3v DC coming out. --- I wouldn't suspect the power supply is bad unless it's spiking for some reason. -- So you may be right, just a bad driver. That leaves me with a few questions before I swap out the driver. 1. Would a bad driver cause the entire machine to turn off? I would guess it would stop printing and just display an error if it was just the driver. 2. What would cause the driver to go bad? It's the Y axis driver that burnt out. The cable from the driver to the stepper motor is fixed and is perfectly fine. The motor turns fine with no resistance. -- Here's an image of the bad stepper --

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