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    Arrow Round corners, thick walls, non-center printing.

    Hello,I have tronxy x5s 3D printer. I'm using Repetier host with Slic3r slicer.I have following problems which I'm struggling with:1. My printing is not centered. I have proper settings in bed shape (330x330) but after slicing, printer starts to print with some offset (in the corner of bed).2. My walls/outer layers are not close enaugh to each other - they are not connected which causes stiffness problem. However it seems that standard inside infill is almost perfect.3. Corners are round in some strange way - they are convex (like outside of natural rectangle, not inside).In attachments you can find example of element and my configuration file.Thank you in advance for any help.misiek1994
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    It has been a long time sense using Slic3r I have upgraded to Prusaslicer this little jewel was created from Slic3r it is one of the best free slicers ever.
    You should be able to import your Slic3r profile and update using all the new and wonderful functions and create a new profile that will print even better.

    I updated my Hictop to this perfectly wonderful slicer and found that even my cheap printer can print perfect models without much effort.

    To answer your question my : Infill / Perimeters overlap is set to 15% this is really not needed though proves to give stronger model.

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