Hiya Gang,

About 2 weeks ago I bought an Elegoo Mars 3 resin printer. Aside form a screwup on my part in Chitubox, the printer has preformed beyond my wildest expectations. I use it solely for printing miniatures for painting. I was sort of looking for something to tinker with that had a bigger print bed, and came upon a TronXY X1 FDM (unsure if that's the right terminology...it uses spools of plastic to create prints) for under 100$ new. Watched some videos, did some research and determined it's just the thing for me to tinker with, since my Mars 3 is without flaw (knock on wood)

While it hasn't arrived yet, I'm planning on printing out some upgrades to it, via my Mars 3, so I can have them ready....
..which leads me to a few questions:

(1) Is PLA stronger than UV-cured Resin? I'm going to make the assumption the upgrade parts for the TronXY X1 will be under some moderate stress and I'm not sure which material would be better to print with.
(2) Thingiverse (and other sites around the interwebs) list dozens and more, upgradable parts along with a lot of people asking if one part (for example, the extruder fan housing) is better than the next, or is it a matter of trial and error?

So, long shot I suppose, anyone have a TronXY X1 care to chime in with which parts you've upgraded and how is it working for you?