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    Question Ive been gifted a Velleman K8200, is it possible to....

    Hi all,I have just been gifted by a friend a K8200, it has been sat in his garage for a few years now, I've not done anything with it yet, however I have noted that it is the build platform that does most of the movement and the print head only does hight, do you think that it would be possible to convert it so that the print head also does the left to right axis too, so I can increase the build area?Thank YouCurrent Printers:Velleman K8200

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    A quick search for Velleman K8200 modifications present result with no indication of anyone converting the kinematics of the printer in the manner you describe. You would have to create a completely different structure to allow for x-axis movement, certainly, but you'd also have to create new firmware for the controller, or replace the controller. This also comes into consideration if you plan to increase the build volume, as the original firmware would require "adjustment." Some of the videos show the user experiencing failures in printing. It may not be as much of a gift as you might think, unless you very much enjoy to tinker and can avoid frustration from failures.

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    Hi fred, I found nothing ether, I do plan on replacing the controller with a 32bit controller, possibly the SKR Pro, and later on down the line I plan to add multi filament, I was kind of expecting that I might need to replace the frame, and have most of the electronics there already (obviously buying the controller at the same time), and also replacing the extruder with a bowden type, one of the worries I have with that is if the nema 17 motors are big enough for other printer styles. and yes I do like to mess with things I've just installed a ram upgrade directly to my Amiga 500 mainboard instead of using the expansion port and thank you for your response.

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    it's an I3 design.
    So the bed just goes backwards and forwards. The print head already goes left to right and up and down.

    To make the head go backwards and forwards as well. You'd need to build a cubic frame and turn it into a cartesian style printer.

    IE: build a brand new printer from scratch :-)
    Nothing wrong with an i3.

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