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    Aquila - VoxelMaker & Cura - Rough 2nd 3rd Layers

    I tried posting in Tips, Tricks and Help but got no help. Hopefully the General discussion Board will do better ... ... Aquila, now equipted with an Ender 3 Direct Drive Extruder/Hot End, using VoxelMaker and Cura slicers .... ... Initial Layer is GREAT, very smooth, sticks well ... 2nd Layer shows some rough spots and sometimes a 'wave like pattern' ... 3rd layer gets rougher .... after infill completes, roughness continues. 2nd & 3rd Layer appear to 'bubble up' around the edges of finished project (see attached picture) ... I am stuck ... would like suggestions on where to look for issues in setup and what to fiddle with to make work ... thank you
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