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    My useless 3d printed trinkets

    I think I will consolidate my prints into one thread.

    I've had my FDM printer now for a week and a half and its been going non-stop. I am on my second roll of filament. This is my first 3d printer.

    I am having a ton of fun making useless little trinkets. Mostly small figurines of models I've made for animated shorts. The dancing Beaver i posted earlier was one of them.

    Here is another model I made for a cnc pattern a while ago but has now gained as a second life as a small desk paper weight.
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    I think I have to go down the same path as many before me and make the obligatory custom chess set. I've picked skeletal as my theme.

    This is my pawn design. I've started the 9 hour print at 5in tall. This is my third iteration. The previous two failed due to my poor modeling and/or design choices.
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    So far have 6 pawns printed. They are about 10 hours to print per copy. Estimating about a little bit under 400 hours to print all the pieces. The other main pieces will be longer print times.
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    Testing to see if I can make leather stamps. So far so good.
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    Really happy with my designs for the chess pieces. I've finished the pawns and now starting the back pieces. The pawns took all of 160 hours to print. The other pieces are larger and will take a little over 200 hours. Almost to the half way point.

    My little printer has been running for 3 weeks straight since I got it. I might have to give it a little down time after this project.
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    AARRGGG! 12 hours into a 15 hour print, it failed thanks to my poor design.

    Need to go back and fix my knight model. I cut too many corners and it isn't printable as it. Good learning going on. Things you can get away with in cnc have a little less wiggle room in 3d printing. That manifold thing is still kicking my butt.

    The rook came it looking wicked and cool.
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    My chess queen. Needs a few modifications but 95%. 7 inches tall and base is 3 inches. 17 hour print. 20% infill.
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    Old model that was the inspiration for my chess set design. I had to of course make a print.
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    Baby cute dragon
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    Chess set complete

    I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this project. 450-500 hours to print thanks to all the print failures I had at the end due to a bad model design for 3d printing. but...I am done. Next is the board but that will be for a different forum. I will be using Purple heart, mahogany, limba white. The pawns are 5 inches tall, main pieces are 6 inches and queen, king are 7 inches tall. The other side will be painted burgundy.
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