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    Custom made wood filament

    Hi, I wondered if there is any company that would make me fillament that incorporates wood particles, if I sent them the piece of wood that I want incorporated in the filament? I'm just wondering because I have an old clarinet that doesn't work any more and I would like to have the wood turned into wood filament and so I can send it to a specialist to have it turned into a new clarinet. The man does already make 3D printed clarinets, and I see that it's possible to buy Grenadilla wood 3D printer filament on Amazon, so it must be pretty doable. My clarinet is made of Grenadilla wood. Thanks!Jennifer

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    Wood filament is only a small percentage wood.. it is plastic.. I have used wood filament, only one brand, and it was not very good.. I highly doubt that what you would want to do is going to be possible or practical.
    Some info on wood composite filament

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    Thanks for letting me know.

    There is a guy who is 3D printing good clarinets, but it's not clear where the grenadilla wood in the filament is coming from. I'd like to work out how to get fillament that contains sustainable grenadilla wood and using old clarinets seems like something we should at least work on, even if it can't be done yet.

    Grenadilla wood is the standard wood used to make clarinets and it is a rainforest tree, so it's important that the 3D fillament on the general market is not coming from rainforest sources unless they whey are FSC approved, farmed trees.
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    i guess the point I am trying to make is that wood Filament is only 30% wood at most.. and the process of adding it would be in a powder form that I expect is not being created by the filament maker as it needs to be very very find and consistent. Google 3d Filament manufactures and start contacting their customer service reps to see what is possible.
    Good luck in your quest!

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    Thanks, I'll try that. :-)

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