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    Advice on selling a Stratasys printer - Austin, TX

    Hello Group -I have a Stratasys uPrint SE in excellent working condition. One material bay (dual spools). Recently replaced fans, air plenum in the head, and filament pinch roller.Have lots of model bases and several bottles of Waterworks (soluble support dissolver).I have listed this on Ebay and just can't get any interest. Any advice on how to get it sold? I have had offers to part it out. Is that what I should do? I hate to do that with a working unit.On Ebay I had $500 as the starting price.I would also be willing to donate it to a school.Any ideas?ThanksDan PS: this thing is crazy big and heavy so only Austin or nearby. I'll drive a couple of hours to meet someone, so Dallas and Houston are in play also.

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    The problem you have is that everybody knows that stratasys printers have locked in stratasys materials, and stratasys really make their filaments stupidly expensive.

    These days for $500 you can buy a really nice idex, stick it in a cheap enclosure and use as cheap a filament as you like.

    Do stratasys make good printers ? Absolutely !
    Are they value for money, materials wise ? Oh hell no.

    The only way i can see to sell a used stratasys for anything other than spare parts, would be to somehow get round the materials lock-in and sell it as a fully cracked open source filament printer.

    I'm pretty sure someone somewhere has done this and made a youtube video or walkthough on the details.

    But without that, most people just aren't going to want to be locked into the stratasys propritary filament eco-system.

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    Curious -thanks, yes of course that is why I am getting rid of it. It's a great printer, but upkeep / materials are $$$$.I do have a dongle reprogrammer, and I have been using other ABS filament. But I find that respooling it onto the STratasys spools is a pain in the arse. Since the spools fit inside the machine you can't use anything else, so you must respool.The reprogrammer lets you reprogram the Stratasys dongle to tell it that it's full.But otherwise parts are expensive. That pinch roller I just replaced was $125. It's a nice machined part, but holy cow.I was hoping to find someone that has a printer farm and could use it as a spare or something.Thanks for your advice.Dan

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